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This is a general overview on adding a page for new users, only covering the required fields of adding a new page. If you need more detailed information on page properties, please the Page Properties article and / or Page Properties: Controlling Page Navigation Options

You will find the "Add Page" link in two different places: under the Navigation Builder tab and in the individual category summary pages. You can choose either option, although choosing it under a category auto-fills the category drop down menu for you. Screen_Shot_2014-06-30_at_10.26.03_AM.png

  1. Choose "Add Page" from one of the two locations explained above.
  2. This will take you to the Page Properties page. Screen_Shot_2014-06-30_at_10.30.55_AM.png
    • Top Navigation Category: Select which top navigation category you want this page to be under.
    • Position After: Select which page you want your new page to be after. If you want it to be at the top, select "Insert at Top of Category".
    • Level: Select if you want it to be a Level 1, 2, or 3 page. Level 1 pages are best for pages with essential information and use Levels 2 and 3 for pages which are "drilling down" in content, with more details for someone who wants to keep reading. 
    • Title: This will appear at the top of the page. 
    • Page URL: This should be short, similar to your page title and only contain lowercase letters, numbers, dashes(-) and underscores(_). For example, on a page about "Women's Ministry", your page title could be "womens-ministry".
    • Link Name:  This is the name of your page that appears in your navigation. This will automatically fill from the Title, but occasionally, you may want to make this different from the Title, so you can edit it here.
    • Page Status: Select the radio button for the page status that you want. Active is a page which appears in your navigation. Inactive will remove the page from your navigation, but can still be accessed by someone with the direct URL and potentially also indexed by search engines. Not Accessible is for a page which you want to be certain that no one can reach.
    • Schedule Status Change: If you want to have the status of your page change, for example from Active to Inactive, on a certain date, you can click this button. You can schedule up to two changes at once by entering the date and time of the desired change. You also have the option to email notifications of the change by entering email address separated by a comma.Screen_Shot_2014-06-30_at_11.47.28_AM.png
    • Once you have filled out all desired properties, click "Save". Note that there are additional properties under the "Options", "SEO" and "Security" tabs. If you would like to read more about those options, please review the full article on Page Properties here.
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