Right Side Bar

You can add a right side bar to any page by adding tools. There are several tools available on the right side bar:

  • Content Editor
  • Links List
  • Resource/Content List
  • Widget Embed
  • Slide Show
  • Form Creator
  • Upcoming Events (Calendar)
  • Mini Calendar
  • Announcements
  • Single Feed (Social Media)

With the exception of the Upcoming Events and Mini Calendar, these tools function similarly to the tools in the main body, but they are restricted to the narrower width of the right side. The Upcoming Events and Mini Calendar are unique to the right side bar.

There is also a video available on using the right side bar. Click here to view the video on the right side bar.


Add A Right Side Bar To A Page

  1. Hover over the Navigation Builder tab and click on the Top Navigation Category where the page that you want to edit is located. 
  2. Click on the name of the page where you wish to add the Right Side Bar. 
  3. Click on Right Side. The Right Side Bar screen will appear. 
  4. Click on the Select A Tool To Add drop down. Select the tool that you would like to use for adding content to the Right Side Bar. Click on the drop-down to select the desired tool. You are able to add as many tools as you need.

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