Importing your Website Calendar to Google, Apple, or Outlook

You can use the iCal Calendar feature of the Calendar tool to add your Site Manager Calendar to Google calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook, or any other calendar that supports importing an iCal feed. This is a great option for busy parents or parishioners who use other calendar systems and want to add your events.

If you are looking for how to import your Google calendar into Site Manager, see this article instead. 

How to Import your Site Manager Calendar into Google Calendar

  1. Click the iCal icon on your Calendar tool.
  2. Click Add to Google Calendar.
  3. Click Add.2018-02-22_08h16_36.png
  4. The calendar may now take a few minutes to import if you have a large number of events.
  5. Once it's imported, you will see the new calendar on the left side of your calendar, listed under "Other calendars".2018-02-22_08h12_41.png

 Helpful Hints:

  • You can filter your website calendar categories before clicking the iCal icon, if you wish to only import specific categories.  Just click the categories option and select/deselect the appropriate categories.
  • Are the events showing up in the wrong timezone?  Check your timezone settings in Google Calendar by clicking the gear icon. 2018-02-22_08h47_08.png You can also check your Site Manager timezone settings using this article.
  • Do you know there were updates made to an event and you are not seeing those changes?  Google states it may take up to 12 hours for updates to events to refresh.
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    Jason Boyette

    Nice post.  Is it OK if I link to this article from our site?


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    Hi, Jason.

    Thank you! Please feel free to link to the article.




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