Top Navigation Categories: Adding / Editing Category

Adding or Editing a Page Category

Note: before you begin, understand what design type you have (DIY, Signature, Express or Custom), as the design type determines the amount of editing you can do on your site. Refer to our Overview article for more information.

  1. Category: Choose a name for the category. Tip: keep it short, one word if possible.
  2. Directory: Choose a directory name. The directory name is often the same as the category.
  3. Width in Pixels: we recommend leaving this blank, but if you are a designer you can control the width of that navigation button on the website by adding the exact pixel dimension in this field.
  4. Link Category To: we recommend that you leave this blank, and then the system will automatically create a landing page for this category. However, there are times when you create a Top Nav Category that should link directly to an external - or a different internal page. Complete this field with that full URL, and then select if the link should open up in a new browser window, or the same. TIP: all external links should be set to open in a new browser window.
  5. Include in Top Nav: select only if this category should appear in the main site navigation. NOTE: not available in all sites (see Overview page).
  6. Include Left Nav: check this if you want this entire category - and all the pages built within this category - to have the inside, left navigation menuing built by default. You can turn the left nav on/off on a page level too, so choose the setting that applies to the majority of pages that will be built in this category (section) of your site.
  7. Drop Down Menuing: check this to enable drop down menus from this category. NOTE: only applies for categories that are included in the Top Nav.
  8. Admin Permissions: You can choose which admins have full permissions for this category. This would apply to the landing page and all the nested pages (if applicable). You can always add or edit these permissions in the People section.
  9. Footer: we recommend that this field remain blank. This option is to create a unique footer for the page(s) in this category only - overriding the sites' default footer located under Setup/Options. NOTE: this option is not available for all websites.

To watch a video on Top Navigation Categories, click here >>>

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