Top Navigation Categories: Overview

Top Navigation Categories manage all the main, or primary links on your website. Typically, Top Nav Categories refers to the links across the top of your website, but in our CMS, Site Manager allows you to use Top Nav Categories to create a section of pages (or just a single page) with it's own directory/URL.

There are two primary functions of Top Navigation Categories:

  1. Build and edit your site's primary / main navigation links (typically appearing at the top of your website)
  2. Add additional categories to your website to generate pages that have specific directory URLs, but do not show up in the navigation links at the top of your website. NOTE: this is recommended for advanced users; please contact support for additional assistance.

If you have a Designed Website Product:

If your site is a Custom Design or Signature Theme (formerly Premium), you will not be able to edit the links that appear at the top of your website. Most of the fields for those Top Navigation Categories will be locked. You can still edit certain settings or permissions about those Navigation Categories - for example, add or remove drop down menuing, and edit admin user permissions for the category. If you need to change those top navigation links, please submit a support ticket with your change request for those links (at-cost charge may apply).

With a designed product, you will still be able to add additional Top Nav Categories - but only for the purpose of creating webpages with a specific directory or URL, and those pages will not appear in your site's main navigation.

If you have a DIY Template (or Basic Template) or Express Template:

Your site's main, or top, navigation will be built and can be managed here. When your account was setup, we prebuilt in a selection of top nav categories, but you can change position, edit the names and edit the settings associated with each category.

For Express Template users, your top navigation is limited by the available space in the template you chose. If you need assistance determining how much space you have - or how to best fit your categories across the top of your site, please start a new support request (ticket).

To watch a video on Top Navigation Categories, click here >>>

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