Building & Managing Content - an Overview

In Site Manager, there are two primary sections of building and maintaining content: Tool Databases and Page Level Tools.

Tool Databases allow you to build and create content in one location and then feed that content out to one or multiple pages/locations on your site through the use of Page Level Tools. However, the original data is located within the tool database. This offers great flexibility with the simplicity of one central location to maintain content. Examples of Tool Databases include Calendar Admin, Media Library and File Uploads.

In this Navigation Builder Guide section, we'll be focusing more on Page Level Tools. Page Level Tools are tools that enable you to add your content (text, images, files, links, widgets, etc.) easily and quickly - direct to a page. The content that you enter in a page level tool resides on in that tool (on that page) only, and is not fed through the system anywhere else.

Site Manager offers a robust toolbox - tools that help you create uniform lists of links, column displays, expand/collapse content and much more. If you are not sure what tool may be best to use for your purpose, please contact Support through your Support Center and we would be happy to help you.


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