New Form Creator Database

The new Form Creator Database allows central storage of all your form data.  Other features like the drag and drop functionality, form logic, and being able to add the same form to multiple pages have made this new database a powerhouse for form users. 

Converted Forms:

All of your current forms will be converted and stored in the Form Creator Database (found under Tool Databases).  The forms will continue to function as they previously have, but how you download their data and make updates to the forms, has changed.

You can find a list of all of your converted forms in the Form Creator Database:

  1. In the Tool Databases dropdown, select New Form Creator.
  2. In the Category dropdown, select Converted Forms.2017-10-27_10h42_10.png

Use Categories:

We encourage you to create categories to help organize your forms.  To edit current or create new form categories, use the Select Options menu and choose Edit Categories

To add a form to a specific category, use the Properties icon and choose from the Category dropdown.

*Any forms that were converted will automatically be added to the Converted Forms category, but you can update this using the Properties icon.


New Icons:


  • The Edit icon, allows you to add/delete/update form fields.  Just drag and drop the field you wish to add!
  • The Properties icon, allows you to make changes to the form's property settings such as notifications, security, scheduling and more.


  • The Logic icon allows you to create form logic.  For example, if a user answers field 1 a certain way, you may choose to show, hide, or make another field required.
  • The Submissions icon is where you can see all of your form submissions and download that data.2017-10-30_12h55_47.png


Create a new form:

  1.  From the Tool Databases dropdown, choose New Form Creator.
  2. From the Select Options dropdown menu, select Add Form.
  3. The only required field for creating a new form is the Title.  You may fill out any additional fields on the General, Notifications, Security, or Scheduling tabs. (You may access this information later using the Properties icon). 
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Select the Edit icon.  You may now drag and drop the fields you wish to add to your form.  We recommend clicking the Save button periodically. 
  6. When you are finished adding and editing the fields of your form, select Save and Exit.  Your form has been created!

To Add the Form to a Page:

  1. Navigate to the page where you wish to add the form.
  2. From the Select a Tool to Add menu, choose New Form Creator.
  3. Select the form you wish to display and choose Add Form. *Only Active forms will display as an option.  If you are not seeing the form you wish to add, make sure it is marked Active by selecting the Properties icon in the Form Database.
    * If you wish to add the form to the right side of a page, select the Right Side tab prior to Step #2.

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