FaithWebsites Rebrand!


If you've logged onto recently you've seen a dynamic change.  We have officially re-branded our website to break free of Dynamic Internet Solutions. Although we offer the same products, we have expanded to give you more information about the individual products and services we offer.



School Site - School Site is tailored for schools, with features and tools that make common updating tasks on your website easy. Designed for any user - no programming experience required!  The integration with RenWeb completely eliminates dual entry of common information, which saves you time. It also allows parents quick and easy access to commonly sought after pieces of information. School Site's unlimited support is accessible via phone, chat, or email by RenWeb's reliable technical support team. 

FaithWebsites - FaithWebsites is tailored for Churches and Non-Profits, with an extended amount of features and tools that influence a targeted perspective on your organization.  With no programming experience required - you will work with a team designed specifically for you and your website.  FaithWebsites works tirelessly to create tools and resources that can help educate and provide unlimited opportunities for their clients. 

AuctionTrak - Auction management software that supports every step of auction fundraising for Live, Silent and Online auctions. Our cloud-based application makes auction preparations streamlined for everyone on your team. Manage donors, donations, solicitation teams, registrations, and the entire before, during and after auction process all in one simple-to-use system. You’ll save time on managing your auction and spend more time on growing your proceeds. (Pulled from our frontpage).


By placing these products into their own scope of work allows us to provide optimal service and opportunities to our clients.  We now have support teams training to provide support in all three areas instead of separate product teams.  This allows us to open up more phone lines and chat lines to get your questions answered with our growing product.  (Our team is still being cross-trained so be on the lookout for future announcements in 2017 when we are ready to Go-Live with these efforts.)

On the newly designed, you will find updated features, prices, design examples and a Resources Site more in-depth to answer you on-the-spot questions.  We are constantly working on improving how you are able to gain information from us.  Head over to or jump directly to our Resources Website to explore more!

If you have any questions contact our support team by submitting a ticket!

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